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a deadly crime spree. Stella Duvall is located in the bottom right corner. Investigators will need to have at least 3 hearts to fulfill this goal. Examine all 3 areas of interest before the day ends to complete todays challenge. Find the matching shapes and features. Parker Lane Criminal Justice Minigame Perform Crystallography! Click on it to hang the case board. Therefore, its important to get as many full order combos and consecutive services as possible before you no longer have enough tray slots to. Remember, quick service means bonuses that will not only increase your score, but their moods. As soon as an investigator orders, theyll forget their order a handful of seconds later. On your inventory tray. There are 5 pieces of evidence to find. Keep her from leaving for the entire day to earn a diamond. Fill the meter and complete putting up the board before the end of your shift to earn a diamond. Click and hold on the liquid of the matching color vial until the syringe is filled to the green mark. At this point we can confirm that it is a member's only club. Challenge 8 Products disappear from your inventory every 20 25 seconds. Click on the cardboard box next to the flashlight in the lower right corner to restock them. Level 33 Analyze blood. Every mixture you make will count toward the antidote.

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This is the official walkthrough casino and contains guides and strategies for every level and challenge including mouse locations. Restock your items at the very start of the day and repeat throughout. Trader Vicapos, level 24 Secret lover search for romantic evidence. Complete Levels, complete all the level challenges for Levels 1 60 and all bonus Challenge Levels. If you complete the task before the days end.

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Even if the thermometers are fully stocked. Hospitality at casino the Dream Bar and exemplary customer service at the Jewel of Mayfair restaurant. And investigators with no hearts will leave the crime scene without giving you any points at all. Avoid restocking at the start of the day and only pick casino up items as needed. Investigators with lower hearts give lower scores. Keep a sharp eye on your tray and focus on only serving 1 investigator at a time. Parker Lane Criminal Justice Minigame Find Fingerprints. Lily Parker will still move to them. Click on the investigator to prompt them to go to the officer for checkout. You can do this by assisting investigators with their orders or do it on your own.

You can increase your chances of a quick bonus by keeping high-demand items ready-stocked on your inventory tray.Parker Lane Criminal Justice Level 31 Level 32 Make 20 investigators ecstatic.Repeat this for every feature until you have a full matching composite image.


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